Casino Cryptogames

Casino Cryptogames: earn online crypto online

Do you want to relax and have fun as a child, and at the same time – also earn in an adult way, in the most reliable of world currencies? Online casino Cryptogames – that’s exactly what you need!

Casino for Bitcoins CryptoGames

So briefly, but it is possible to characterize essence of our project. His birth in 2011, he was indebted to an international team of enthusiasts who already then were able to appreciate all the advantages of crypto currency and began adapting traditional online entertainment for them.

Cryptogames casino

As a result of intensive and fruitful efforts, we present to the true lovers of healthy excitement a whole range of profitable entertainment, among which:

  • The old good bones are in modern electronic reincarnation.
  • A set of various slots – for every taste and purse.
  • Incendiary Blackjack.
  • Video poker with charming girls-dealers.
  • The original Billiards-Plinko.
  • Instant online lottery.
  • As you can see, the assortment is wide. It remains only to use it wisely and success is guaranteed!

Cryptogames: features online games

The main one is that you do not need to register in the traditional sense of the word. Each visitor receives his ID, which is stored in the cookie files of the browser for two months, after which a mandatory update is required.

After that, the user is given an individual account, to which you can transfer your funds. The main thing is not to forget the identification number, as this can lead to loss of money. Do not forget to specify email for feedback – this will serve as an additional guarantee of reliability and will insure against unpleasant accidents!

Features of Cryptogames casino

CryptoGames accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrency types, each of which has a minimum deposit threshold, namely:

  • Bitcoin – 0.0001.
  • Ether, Monero, Dash and Litecoin – 0,01.
  • Stratis – 0.05.
  • Peercoin – 0.1
  • Gridcoin – 6.
  • Dogecoin – 100.

The amounts indicated in the list are enough to start the game at real rates. A conclusion of honestly earned money can be made, starting with 0,002 BTC or their equivalent in a different working currency of our online casino. So, everything is simple – all conditions are created for your success. It remains to make the first step to the cherished Dream, changing Life for the better literally with one click. So do not waste time – Bird of Happiness is waiting for you in Cryptogames!