Bitsler Casino

Bitsler casino review of the official website and mirrors

The surge in the activity of operations with crypto-currencies and increase in their value has opened new variants of mining and use of bitcoins and its younger counterparts. These trends have caused the emergence and popularization of the casino Bitsler. On the site you can play gambling, while making bets one of the four most popular cryptocurrencies. The following options are available: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin.

Registration and start of the game in Bitsler

Compared to other online casinos on bitcoins, it’s much easier to register here. You need to come up with a login and tick the confirmation that you have reached adulthood. But experienced gamers are advised not to limit themselves to this. In order to restore access to the page in the future, it is better to specify an email address.

To be able to communicate with the chat participants of the game club Bitsler, you need to upload an avatar. It is not a matter of principle that your image should be there. The main thing is to fill the picture in your profile. And the last step is to indicate the number of the cryptocurrency purse.

Register on the website of Bitsler

You can start the game in two ways: from scratch and replenish the deposit of one of the crypto currency. Many do not want to immediately use their money, and they use bonuses. There are a lot of them here. They do not have similarities with bonus accruals, which are used to gamers virtual gambling halls. If you decide to visit bitcoin casino for the first time, then you need to get acquainted with the rules and features in detail, and only after that start playing.

Mirror Casino Bitsler

Gambling is not allowed in our country. To give gamers the opportunity to entertain legally, the site is usually registered in a country where there are no such prohibitions. But the difficulties arise, and to solve them, the founder of the web resource has to go to some tricks.

Beissler Mirror

Such a trick is the mirror of the Bitsler casino. This is another page, which has everything the same as on the main site. It is its mirror image. And if there are bans on the first page, then it’s very easy to go to the second site. At the same time, it retains all functionality.

Strategies, tactics and features of Bitsler casino

As in the real money risk, casino bitcoins have their own strategies for earning money. Each experienced gamer develops his own line of conduct. Then he actively tests it and, if it gives positive results, earns a cryptocurrency. A lot of such people do not suffer from greed at all, so they put their earnings strategies on the net.

One of the features of the casino for cryptocurrency is a limited number of games. There are only four Bitsler casinos:

  • bones;
  • blackice;
  • caraycruz;
  • multicolor.

They are fairly simple and suggest the ability to play in automatic mode. The interface of the gaming establishment is interesting in that it shows how many bets are made at the moment.

There are no traditional bonuses for Bitsler casinos, but even without replenishing the account with your own funds, you can start with the charges that the administration provides. Rates here are produced by satoshi. They can be obtained by communicating in a general chat, and also by playing small bets.

The more you spend time on the page and make bets, the faster your level will rise. Starting with the fourth, there will be more opportunities. If you are determined to earn here, then the first task is to climb the levels above.

Reviews of players about the casino Bitsler

Specificity of comments on the Internet is such that you can not surely know who the text was written. There is no guarantee that this is not advertising or, conversely, black PR. Therefore, first of all pay attention to the details. You can read the opinions of gamers with experience on the forums.

If you are interested in a particular aspect, ask questions. Only a person who has empirically become acquainted with all the points can intelligently answer your question. If the answers are vague and they say everything about everything and nothing at all, then it is not recommended to believe in the reliability of the presented data.

You can see for yourself what audits are conducted by a virtual gaming establishment. They are conducted by independent international companies. What measures are being taken to protect information and currency from hacker attacks. And other important points that ensure honesty and security.