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What is surfing for bitcoins and how to make money in it in 2018

Cryptocurrencies appeared 10 years ago. The first of these was bitcoin, which a group of programmers developed in protest against the banking system. The currency is extracted by solving the most complicated algorithmic problems, this process is called mining.

The system is based on an extensive database (block) through which transactions pass. Its advantages are anonymity, deregulation, security and speed. Despite the general popularity, in many countries bitcoin has an unofficial status. Therefore, in order to make an official transaction, it is first necessary to exchange it for real money. The current course can be found in online exchangers.

Surfing sites for bitcoins is a relatively new type of earning on the Internet. The work is to go through advertising links. The user registers on the platform and during the day receives a certain number of links, for the transfer of which the system gives a material reward. On some resources, registration is not required, the identifier of the identity is a fixed bitcoin-purse. Tasks appear throughout the day, so work is always there. In fact, this is an ordinary box, only with payment in digital currency.

The difference between surfing for bitcoins from bitcoin-cranes

If someone thinks that this is a regular bitcoin tap, then it is wrong. Cranes are sites that feed by displaying ads from the affiliate network. Pay for them is much less, and there is a restriction on the number of daily views of this very advertisement. Also, there is a large threshold of withdrawal on such resources, so many leave without taking their reward.

Here, the task is issued by real advertisers who want to attract live traffic. Earnings depend on the site and the site you are viewing. The longer the user is on the advertised page, the more he gets. The time of stay is set by the advertiser. There are no restrictions, you can surf for bitcoins as much as you want.

Do not forget that the Internet is full of scammers who strive to make money on amateurs quickly enrich themselves. To protect yourself, you must carefully read the terms of the user agreement, as well as not disclose personal information. Do not forget that all the earned funds are displayed on electronic wallets. If the administration asks to indicate the number of the bank card, then most likely of you want to deflate money.

Also do not forget that the best surfing for bitcoins is where people are paid. Therefore, before you start, read the feedback on the platform on which you are going to work. It is enough to enter its name into the search engine, and you will instantly find many forums where real users share their personal experience.

Surfing sites for bitcoins is a great way to earn extra money. This method is suitable for schoolchildren, as well as for beginners who started their activities on the Internet. As a full-fledged work this type of earnings should not be considered.

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